Who will actually be helping me?  Who will I talk to? 

Salvatore Marabondo always ensures that your case receives the utmost personal attention.  Your case will not be shuffled between multiple attorneys, and you will deal directly with Mr. Marabondo.  

Will I have to go to trial?

Most cases do settle, and a trial is rarely necessary.  This is according to our experience and based on statistical data.  This is generally the case regarding Third Party cases, as well as Compensation cases. The facts of the case, and the reasonableness of the positions taken by one or more of the parties are often determinative.


What is the level and quality of service that I can expect from your law firm? 

We pledge that you can, and should, expect the highest level of professional and competent service from our law firm.   We always promptly return telephone calls.  Also, we will give you a honest answer to any question, and a truthful evaluation of your case.  We will not merely tell you what you might like to hear; but rather, the straight truth.

What does it mean to be a Certified Worker's Compensation Law Attorney? 

When the New Jersey Supreme Court designates attorneys as "Certified Workers' Compensation Law Attorneys", it means that such attorneys have attained a level of experience and skill in the field of Workers' Compensation Law, and that they are proficient at the practice of law in this area. The Supreme Court designates lawyers as "Certified" only when they have met those standards and criteria mandated by the Court. As this is among the most frequently asked questions, you may care to visit the "Workers' Compensation" page of this Website to learn more of those standards, as well as other information regarding this area of law or visit the New Jersey Board on Attorney Certification at 

What is the cost of your legal services?

Regarding most personal injury cases, we accept your case on  a contingency basis.  That means that there is no legal fee charged to you unless we are able to recover money for you!  We always provide free initial telephone or office consultation.  Our initial evaluation time is free to you, even if we do not accept your case.


Is Mr. Marabondo active in any Bar Associations? 

Yes, Mr. Marabondo has been a member of several Bar Associations.  He has volunteered for many years serving the Hudson County Bar Association.  He is the co-chair of both the Arbitration Selection Committee and the Workers' Compensation Committee.

Can Workers' Compensation cases be arbitrated?

In New Jersey, Workers' Compensation are not arbitrated.  They are conferenced with the attorneys for all parties, and with the Judge Of Compensation if necessary.

Is there a jury in Workers' Compensation cases? 

There are no juries in Workers' Compensation cases in New Jersey.  A Judge Of Workers' Compensation will preside over all litigated Compensation matters and will decide all issues.