Arbitrations are hearings where the Arbitrator acts as a private judge while deciding the issues in dispute. The decision may or may not be binding. Mediations are an attempt to aid the parties in settlement. Salvatore Marabondo is a New Jersey court appointed arbitrator and mediator.  He serves as a Mediator, requested by other attorneys and insurance companies, and is also appointed by Judges.  He is a Mentor in the Mediation Program of the Supreme Court Of New Jersey.  He has served as an Arbitrator in thousands of cases, retained by the parties, attorneys, insurance companies, and appointed by Judges.  We can also provide Arbitration in Jersey City. He may sit as the sole Arbitrator, or on panels which may vary from one arbitrator to three.


Over the last 25 years, various methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) have become increasingly popular.  These include the use of arbitrations and mediations.  They have also been utilized in the area of Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Claims, as some insurance policies have allowed for same.  Arbitrations have also been extensively used as an alternative to filing lawsuits in disputes between policy holders, medical providers and auto insurance companies.  In some types of cases, the alternative methods are ordered by the Courts.  In other situations parties can request arbitration or mediation, either after a dispute arises or by agreement in advance, as a provision to arbitrate in a contract.   



Salvatore Marabondo served for many years as an Arbitrator for the American Arbitration, hearing various types of disputes.  Recently, Salvatore Marabondo was named as a Storm Sandy Mediator in NJ, and has worked on several of those matters.  Both arbitrations and mediations are being utilized in many areas of negligence and contract actions  more in recent years.  The advantages include a quicker time to have your case heard than going through the Court system, and a somewhat more private forum.  Costs can also be considerably less.  Rules of evidence can be relaxed. There are differences between arbitration and mediation.  We can discuss these differences with you. Feel free to consider mediation or arbitration. 

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