5on Superpages, Nov 13, 2017 Jay

Sal Marabondo is one of those few lawyers who really knows the value of a case. Having been thru a few lawyers over the years, I came to believe that you need a lawyer who really knows the value of your case - good or not so. It became important to me to hear the good and the bad, even though at first I only wanted the good news. Mr. Marabondo kept me informed, and his advice put me in a position to be more realistic than I might have otherwise been. He has a good rep for a reason. He and his staff are very professional and thorough, and I was happy I went with him.


5on Superpages, Aug 17, 2017  hayward2

I felt very comfortable with Sal Marabondo representing me. He is very competent and professional, and his staff is wonderful as well. Best of all, he did very well for me on my accident case.

5on Superpages, Nov 21, 2016  lucinda36

I was so pleased with the services and results provided by Sal Marabondo. There is no question that he knows his stuff, but he is truly a pleasure to speak to and to deal with. He is a gentleman, and he is very professional. He was always there for me, and I would recommend him without reservations.

5on Superpages, Feb 21, 2016 Lotty

Sal Marabondo handled my case like I had hoped it would be handled. I went to a law firm in Newark a while back with another case, and I was treated horribly. The lawyer was not nearly as professional and HONEST as Sal Marabondo is. Sal spent all the time necessary with me, and addressed all of my concerns. His praise is spot-on, he deserves it. I would recommend him with no reservations.


We appreciate your feedback, and thank you for your kind words.  We do work hard to get the best results for our clients.  Our practice has always been to return phone calls, and answer your questions.  We believe that we should always be prepared, and that it our duty to prepare you for the next step in the handling of your case.  We value our client reviews in Jersey City.



5on Superpages, Aug 12, 2014 anonymous

Sal Marabondo was the perfect attorney for my accident case as it was rather complicated. Mr. Marabondo has the experience and knowledge to deal with liens and the other legalities that were involved in my case. When I was first injured, I was very frustrated, often medicated, and did not know what was going to happen. Mr. Marabondo was always there for me, and put my mind to ease. He did a great job for me and he was always very professional. I would recommend him highly.


I think I did real good with Sal Marabondo. I have been in trucking and warehousing for 23 years, and I have had other lawyers in the past. My son is a police officer in a Hudson County city, and he suggested that I use Sal for my last accident, as a number of his cop friends use Sal when they get injured. Sal cuts to the chase, and tells you the straight story. I realize how much easier Sal made it for me than my previous lawyers did. No bull sh**, just straight answers, and a good result. He was a pleasure to speak with, and is a dynamite injury lawyer.

5on Superpages, Nov 12, 2012  bubble6

This was the 2nd accident I ever had, and I hired Sal Marabondo for this one, instead of the firm I used before. Sal moved my case pretty quickly, and I really appreciated that. He is very easy to talk to and gave me the straight story. He spoke with me, initially, even though was not sure if I wanted to pursue my claim, and I respect him for that.

5on Superpages, Aug 29, 2012  jendi34

Sal Marabondo is a great lawyer and gets outstanding results. The man is patient and really easy to talk to. I could tell he had experience with the issues involved in my accident case. He had previously represented my sister, and she also found Mr. Marabondo to be the ultimate professional. Call him, and you will find that he takes the time to speak with you and gives you an honest opinion and evaluation of your case.



5on Superpages, May 27, 2010  Guest78119

Salvatore Marabondo has represented myself and many fellow police officers for many years. He has always fought hard for us. Sal has a rare combination of street-sense and book smarts. He knows how to talk to the insurance company lawyers, and they take him seriously. That's been good for us. The man is sincere and personable; and a super lawyer. I have had him represent my daughter as well, also with great results - highly recommended.


5on Superpages, Apr 24, 2010  Guest28732

I was injured while working as a police officer on a motorcycle detail. Salvatore Marabondo is my attorney, and he did a fantastic job for me. After a trial I received a very good award. I wish I hadn't been hurt, but I am so very glad that I had Sal Marabondo represent me.


5on Superpages, Mar 02, 2010  Guest48564

Salvatore Marabondo has been my lawyer for years. I am a police officer, and I was injured when I feel through broken stairs while I was on a call. Once again, Sal did a great job for me. I am very pleased with the settlement he obtained for me both in workers compensation and against the owners of the property. He is always there for us, and I would recommend him whole-heartedly!


5on Insider Pages, Mar 01, 2010  Rob O.

Sal Marabondo is a fantastic guy, a real straight shooter. He gave me great advice, and answered all my questions. Best of all, I really felt prepared for every step of my case handling. I got a good result, and I thank him for what he did for me.


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Sal Marabondo Does What Others Could Not Do

5.0 stars  Posted by Johnny  March 14, 2015

I went to lawyers in a Hoboken law firm for a case I had before I had this newer accident. I went to Sal Marabondo for my new case, and he spoke with me regarding my earlier injuries and the concerns presented in both the newer and older case. The lawyers in the Hoboken file closed my file, at the first sign of difficult discussions with the insurance company, but Sal does not operate that way. He continued to fight for me, and obtained a settlement for me. I wish I knew him before I had the other case. He is easy to talk with, and worked hard for me.

Perfect Lawyer For Accident Cases

5.0 stars Posted by anonymous  August 12, 2014

I had a rather complicated case, and Sal Marabondo was the perfect lawyer for it. He is very conscientious and hard working. He always kept me informed, and he has the knowledge and experience to deal with the involved issues of what they call liens and offsets with disability, etc. He is a gentleman, and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend him without reservation.

Very Effective Legal Skills

5.0 stars  Posted by Melissa  September 25, 2013

The doctor I work for has known Salvatore Marabondo for a number of years, and when we had a car accident, we went to Sal. He is a true professional, always a pleasure to talk with, and he treated me and my husband like family. He got a very good result for us both, despite the insurance company's tough stand initially. Sal always prepared us, for depositions, and for the trial. His knowledge and demeanor are very effective tools which worked in our favor.

Super Lawyer Gets Great Results

5.0 stars  Posted by anonymous March 3, 2009

I work at the Courthouse, and when we were involved in an accident, we went to Salvatore Marabondo. He is very well known and well respected by the Judges and lawyers in the Courts. He prepared us, and had well reasoned answered for our questions. He always returned our calls. He is a bright lawyer, and and down  to earth type of guy. He did very well for us.