• Make certain that you have your Last Will and Testament prepared and updated to reflect your wishes and desires.  New Jersey has intestacy laws which regulate and direct to whom your Estate passes upon your death without a Will.  When you die without a will, anyone seeking to be appointed as the Administrator of your Estate will most probably have to pay and qualify for a Bond.  This is often an unnecessary and inconvenient expense. The cost of securing a Bond is, in even a modest valued Estate, often many times greater than the cost of having a Will prepared, not to mention the hardships which may be caused to your intended beneficiaries and/or your children.  Also, having a Will allows you to direct the passing of your Estate, and reflect your wishes. Further details can be discussed with you upon consultation.  

  • Unfortunately, there are times when prudence would suggest that other legal documents should be prepared.  These could include: Power Of Attorney,  Advanced Health Directives, such as Living Wills, Health Proxys, and Guardian and Trust Provisions for your children.  We can assist you with legal advice and the preparation of these documents.  Please call The Law Offices Of Salvatore Marabondo at 201-792-0900 for your legal needs.